How to Change the Region Code on a DVD?

Movie DVDs have region codes assigned to them for playing the contents on configured DVD players. Sometimes, players face an error message while playing a DVD using a disc drive that doesn’t correlate with its specific region code. For example, the region code for China is 6. In this case, your DVD player must be configured for China’s region code 6 for playing contents of the particular disc associated with the same regional code.

If you want to play a DVD player on your Windows or Mac for a specific region showing the region code error message, you have to follow these instructions written below. You can easily change the region codes for DVD players for Mac and Windows computers.

Using WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper allows the users to change protected DVDs to the region code 0 for free playback by ripping the disc contents to several file formats.

WinX DVD is one of the preferred software used for ripping DVD contents. It supports all types of DVDs, in addition to the subtitles of several videos, video editing options, etc.

Here is how to change the DVD region settings using WinX DVD Ripper:

  • You have to insert the regionally coded disc in the DVD slot in order to delete the regional DVD code using WinX DVD ripper.
  • Then, launch the WinX DVD Ripper Software on your device.
  • After that, hit the Disc option located at the upper-left edge of your WinX window.
  • Now, choose the DVD source, followed by hitting the OK tab.
  • Tap on the General Properties tab located at the left-hand side section of your Output Profile window.
  • Then, choose the MP4 Video format based on your Operating System. You can also use an alternative format option there.
  • Hit the OK tab there.
  • Tap on Browse to select the output folder for your particular ripped video.
  • Click on the Run tab for ripping your video from the disc. Then you can easily watch your ripped region-free output video in the media player.

Using Operating System in-Built Tools

On Windows PC

  • First and foremost, apply right-click on the Start menu tab, followed by the Device Manager’s option.
  • Then, perform a double-click on your DVD/CD Rom drive to launch the category.
  • Now, double-tap the DVD drive in order to access the respective Window.
  • Press the DVD Region button there.
  • Choose your country from the DVD Region section. A New region box will appear on your screen for your selection.
  • Hit the OK button to verify.

On Mac

  • At the start, you have to insert a DVD using regional code in your disc drive. The Drive region window will launch if your inserted DVD has a distinct code.
  • Now, choose the matching region for your DVD using the Change Drive Region section.
  • Hit the tab Set Drive region option.

Note: Once you have changed your disc drive up to a maximum of five consecutive times, your DVD won’t be accepted by the device’s disc drive. It will assume that you have entered the wrong code.

Changing region code for movie DVDs is not a complicated task as you can easily follow any of the effective methods like WinX DVD Ripper, OS Built-in tools, etc.

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Source: How to Change the Region Code on a DVD?

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