5 Ways How The New Batman Will Be Like The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight trilogy is considered to be among the most favorite film series. This is the reason why every fan is excited about Reeve’s adaptation. Most of the fans became restless after learning that a new Batman film will get released next year. The Dark Knight trilogy is a trio of three films directed by Christopher Nolan. The trilogy includes various characters from stunning protagonists to furious antagonists. All the actors portrayed their respective characters beautifully throughout all the three films. In this article, we have discussed the five ways that show the new Batman will be like The Dark Knight trilogy.

A Dark Gotham City

The primary factor in all three Batman movies by Christopher Nolan is his world-building. He is such a creative artist, who has the ability to create his own worlds for his movies like the Gotham City of Bruce Wayne. We have also seen this type of creativity in Nolan’s other movies as well such as Interstellar and Inception. The Gotham City in The Dark Knight series has been shown as dark, gothic, gritty, exactly like in the DC comics.

Popular Villains

Most of Christopher Nolan’s fans must be aware of the fact that he always tries to recruit maximum top-class actors in his movies. From the leading role of Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Inception to the special appearance of Matt Damon in the film Interstellar, the director has proved himself as one of the best directors who have the potential to cast a better team for his movies than others. He also did the same thing in his Dark Knight trilogy especially in the case of villains. There are various actors who have been cast in the trilogy – such as Tom Hardy, Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger, and more. Reeves is also an experienced person and has already worked with great actors. Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, and Zoe Kravitz have been set to play their respective villainous characters in the new Batman movie.

Fighting Style

Martial arts-inspired and gritty fighting styles have been very popular throughout the trilogy. Batman portrayed by Christian Bale fought with the Keysi fighting style, and that is a combo of street fighting and martial arts. These deadly combinations of styles played a vital role in making Bruce Wayne stronger.


Technology is getting advanced day after day and it has been fifteen years since Christopher Nolan produced The Dark Knight trilogy which became one of the best movie trilogies ever in the history of Hollywood. So, it clearly indicates that Matt Reeve’s new Batman movie will also include various advanced tech innovations from the past few years. The new Batmobile and Batcycle instantly became famous after getting revealed in the set photos.


The suit of Batman went viral after revealing the leaked photos of Robert Pattinson’s new Batsuit. It is slicker than the suit of Ben Affleck’s Batman and bulkier than the suit of Bale’s Batman. This suit is a great combination and tends to intimidate more than the older Batman’s suits. The new appearance of Batman will definitely impress the fans with a new Batsuit that is more appealing and includes a prominent and bigger Bat logo, wrist, and cowl gauntlets.

In this article, we have listed the five ways to show that the new Batman will be like The Dark Knight trilogy and concluded that there are various styles and characters that will be looking identical to The Dark Knight trilogy in the coming few months.

source: https://findmeaddress.com/blog/5-ways-how-the-new-batman-will-be-like-the-dark-knight-trilogy/

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